TAS Membership


The TAS invests its membership fees and other incomes; it uses
its capital and return to provide benefits to its members. Every two
months, it pays dividends in the form of one high passage (see page
142) to each member. This passage may be used, retained or sold.


You are a member of the Traveller’s Aid Society (TAS), a private
organisation that maintains hostels and facilities at all class A and
B starports in many parts of human space. Facilities are available to
members and their guests. Membership may only be achieved once
per character. Receipt of membership in the Traveller’s Aid Society
upon mustering out may be construed as a reward for heroism or
extraordinary service to the Society rather than an official benefi t of
service. Membership is for life and is not transferable.

Membership may be purchased at the cost of 1,000,000 Credits
although it is possible for an application to be ‘black-balled’ by
an existing member. The Traveller’s Aid Society is an exclusive
organisation, made up of those who are truly citizens of the galaxy,
not just a single world.

TAS Membership

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