213th Fleet

The Regina Subsector is subject to constant threat, not just from Vargr Corsairs who regularly make raids across the border, but from attack by the Zhondai Consulate should another Frontier War erupt. As such, the 213th is tasked with patrolling, defending and ‘showing the flag’ in the Regina Subsector.

The Imperial Fleet operates out of three naval bases: Efate; Pixie; and Regina. The Pixie and Regina bases serve as staging grounds and resupply bases, while the Efate is a repair and command centre.

Sector Fleet
Battle Group
First-Line Battle Squadrom 4 First-Class Battleships Second-Line Battle Squadron 2 Second-Class Battleship
2 Fleet Escort 2 Fleet Escort
4 Close Escort 4 Close Escort
1 Tanker 1Tanker
2 Resupply Vessel 2 Resupply Vessel
Armour Cruiser Squadron 4 Armoured Cruisers Destroyer Flotilla 4 Fleet Destroyers
1 Fleet Escort
2 Close Escort
1 Dromedray
Cruiser Group Support Group 4 Tankers
Light Cruiser Squadron 4 Light Cruisers 2 Resupply Ships
1 Fleet Escort 2 Resupply Ships
2 Close Escort 4 Close Escort
1 Dromedary 1 Repair/Recovery Ship
Escort Flotilla Pixie 6 Escorts Escort Flotilla 4 Fleet Escorts

Fleet Admiral:

External Link to Imperial Navy stuff: http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Imperial_Navy

213th Fleet

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