214th Fleet

Aramis subsector is less threatened by Zhodani fleets than Vargr incursions. The latter tend to use smaller vessels even in their war fleets, so a lighter fleet presence is justified. However, piracy and raiding are typically Vargr activities; raids by small corsairs are common even in peacetime.

The Navy is more concerned with the worlds of the Rimward end of the subsector, which not coincidentally includes the personal fief of a member of the powerful Tukera family. The Coreward worlds are patrolled but naval presence is relatively light outside the Aramis Cluster.

There is some pressure to retask the cruiser squadron assigned to Aramis, but thus far this has been resisted. The argument used is that these cruisers are needed to make long deployments to the ‘far end’ of the subsector, and to maintain a deterrent presence to prevent Vargr groups from trying their luck.

The cruiser force rarely deploys as a squadron. Instead the cruisers are generally used as flagships for small task forces, with a couple of destroyers an a support ship. These units tour the frontier worlds on an irregular basis, though solo destroyers and subsector assets are more commonly sighted.

A light cruiser or destroyer is routinely but not constantly detached as a guardship at Junidy, although the system squadron there is fairly capable. This is a long-standing gesture of support which serves to remind ‘the people just over the border’ that the Imperial Navy stands ready to defend all the worlds of the Imperium, not just those deep inside.


The main naval base in the subsector is at L’oeul d’Dieu, with smaller bases at Paya and Natoko. These mainly serve the subsector fleet, though sector assets often stage through Paya on their way Coreward through the minor worlds of the Spinward side of the subsector.

There is also a naval base at Aramis itself. This is a special installation which conducts personnel training for the sector fleet, including hostile-environment training on Aramis itself as well as escort-duty training for ship crews. The base is defended by a light squadron of monitors, adding to the system defenses of Aramis.

The fact that this facility is located on the personal fief of a shipping magnate is either logical or evidence of the inherent corruption of the Imperial Navy, depending on your viewpoint. Whatever the case, the arrangement works well for both the navy and Tukera Lines.

Sector Fleet

The Sector fleet is officially based at L’oeul d’Dieu, though some of its assets can be found ranging across the whole subsector. The destroyer and escort flotillas as Aramis are supposedly there on a temporary basis, but the deployment began in 1089 and will probably remain ‘temporary’ forever

Sector Fleet Composition

Cruiser Group L’oeul d’Dieu Destroyer Flotilla L’oeul d’Dieu
1 Light CruRon 1 Fleet DesRon
4 Light Cruiser
4 Fleet Destroyer
1 Fleet Escort
2 Close Escort
1 Dromedary
Destroyer Flotilla Aramis Patrol Flotilla L’oeul d’Dieu
1 Escort DesRon
8 Escorts
4 Escort Destroyer
Patrol Flotilla Aramis Support Group Aramis
8 Escorts
2 Tanker
2 Dromedary

SubSector Fleet

Aramis Subsector is the responsibility of the 214th Fleet, which is officially based at Natoko, with a token presence at Paya. The flag squadron moved, predictably, to Aramis in 1090 and has been based there ever since. Most observers consider Aramis to be the de facto fleet headquarters, though in fact the subsector fleet’s administrative apparatus remains at Natoko. Unusually, the subsector flagship is a carrier rather than a cruiser. This reflects fleet’s main mission; dealing with small raiders rather than major warships.

Subsector Fleet Composition

Flag Squadron Aramis Destroyer Flotilla Natoko
1 Light Carrier
1 Fleet DesRon
1 Fleet Destroyer
4 Fleet Destroyer
4 Close Escort
2 Escort DesRon
1 Dromedary
3 Escort Destroyer
Patrol Flotilla Natoko Patrol Flotilla Paya
12 Escort
1 Escort Destroyer
6 Escort
Support Group Paya
1 Dromedary

Colonial Forces

Colonial forces are rather light in Aramis subsector, as many worlds cannot support spacegoing craft of any sort. Those that do exist are mainly light patrol assets, as per the usual colonial model. No world supports cruisers or capital ships as part of its colonial assets, though an unsuccessful bid was made by Aramis to obtain an old fleet carrier some years ago.

Tukera Lines provides a small number of well-equipped patrol vessels to the Colonial forces, along with two armed merchant ships that act as support tenders for the patrol assets. The remainder of the colonial forces are typical of the type; third and fourth-rate patrol ships whose crew training levels are actually quite good as a result of clashes with corsairs and smugglers.

As always, Colonial vessels are available to the subsector admiral to augment his own patrol assets.

Colonial Fleet Composition

Colonial Patrol Assets Colonial Support Assets
32 Escort
2 Armed Merchant Ship (Dromedary)


Aramis subsector maintains a very small mothballed reserve force. Like most subsectors it has a handful of cruisers and capital ships that could be formed into a local defence force. In addition, there are enough destroyers to put together a decent patrol flotilla, sufficient perhaps to counter Vargr corsair incursions. The capital ships are likely to possess only Local or System mobility; some of the destroyers might be fully Fleet-mobile.

Most reservists from Aramis subsector would assemble at the naval bases and be shipped to Jewell or Macene to join the Sector Colonial Fleet aboard ships reactivated at those bases.

Note: estimates are for total numbers of vessels which could be reactivated by that time, including those already reactivated in earlier batches.

Reserve Reactivation Estimates

7 Days 30 Days 90 Days
Capital Ships 1-2 2-4 4-6
Cruisers 2-3 3-5 5-8
Destroyers 8-10 10-16 16-20

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214th Fleet

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