List of corps by Sector:

Existing Market

Primary Sector

The primary sector of the economy extracts or harvests products from the earth. The primary sector includes the production of raw material and basic foods.
Activities associated with the primary sector include agriculture (both subsistence and commercial), mining, forestry, farming, grazing, hunting and gathering, fishing, and quarrying. The packaging and processing of the raw material associated with this sector is also considered to be part of this sector.

Firm Industry Headquarters
Agricore United Consumer and Wholesale Agriculture HQ
Daxcon Mining and Quarrying HQ
Delgado Trading LIC Mining and Quarrying HQ
Growmark Consumer and Wholesale Agriculture HQ
Technofarm Consumer and Wholesale Agriculture HQ
Viterra Consumer and Wholesale Agriculture HQ
Volgograd Mining and Quarrying HQ

Secondary Sector

The secondary sector of the economy manufactures finished goods. All of manufacturing, processing, and construction lies within the secondary sector.
Activities associated with the secondary sector include metal working and smelting, automobile production, textile production, chemical and engineering industries, aerospace manufacturing, energy utilities, engineering, breweries and bottlers, construction, and shipbuilding.

Firm Industry Headquarters
Aces High Manufacturers Transportation Manufacturing HQ
AFI Uplift Construction HQ
Akzo Nobel Chemicals/Engineering HQ
Applied Digital Solutions Computing Hardware/Software HQ
Blackstar Technologies Computing Hardware/Software HQ
Chartered Arms Private Military Contracting HQ
Freewing Aerial Robotics Corporation Personal Transportation Manufacturing HQ
General Products LIC Manufacturing HQ
Geschichtkries Sternsciffbau AG Personal Transportation Manufacturing HQ
Humanx Cybernetics Computing Hardware/Software HQ
Ineos Group Chemicals/Engineering HQ
Ling Standard Products LIC Manufacturing HQ
M7 Aerospace Transportation Manufacturing HQ
Marches Arsenal Private Military Contracting HQ
Marches Building Solutions Construction HQ
Omni Titan Corporation Computing Hardware/Software HQ
Paradigm Electronics Computing Hardware/Software HQ
PPG Industries Textiles HQ
Praxir Industries Chemicals/Engineering HQ
Schunamann und Sohn AG Chemicals/Engineering HQ
SM Capital Equipment Construction HQ
Spectrum Aeronautical Personal Transportation Manufacturing HQ
THOR Global Defence Systems Private Military Contracting HQ

Tertiary Sector

The tertiary sector of the economy is the service industry. This sector provides services to the general population and to businesses. Activities associated with this sector include retail and wholesale sales, transportation and distribution, entertainment (movies, television, radio, music, theater, etc.), restaurants, clerical services, media, tourism, insurance, banking, healthcare, and law.

Firm Industry Headquarters
AMcore Universal Media HQ
FiServe Inc Financial Services HQ
GE Capital Finance Financial Services HQ
IDBI Bank Ltd Financial Services HQ
MDCI Investment Corp Financial Services HQ
Monolithic Memories Media HQ
Paradigm Entertainment Media HQ
Sharurshid Logistics HQ
Tukera Lines LIC Logistics HQ


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