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The Kforuzeng (otherwise known as the Kforuz) are a ‘mega-corsair’ pirate band consisting almost entirely of Vargr operating rimward of the Gvurrdon Sector along the length of the Domain of Deneb.

Imperial and TAS intelligence regarding the Kforuzeng is extremely limited. All Travellers should be aware the Kforuzeng have a reputation for extreme ruthlessness.

In 1041, Dzenae Aekoe a particularly influential and charismatic Vargr, splif from the Ungogz Den. Through Aekoe’s brilliant tactics and leadership, he is able to expand his fleet from one to four ships within months.

In 1043, the Kforuzeng attack and capture a hidden corsair base in Ueghrrozue. This hollow asteroid becomes the main Kforuzeng base. Between this act of daring and Aekoe’s tactical skills, Kforuzeng attracts a number of other groups, mostly independent operators and small corsair groups, to operate under their flag.

Dzamae Aekoe died during an engagement with the Colonial Navy over Kinorb in the Regna Subsector. Unlike many other corsair groups, Kforuzeng does not disintegrate upon the death of its leader. Ksangu, then the second in command of Kforuzeng, takes over leadership and manages to expand the group even further.

In 1071, following months of careful infiltration, Ksangu staged a raid on the Orsesokhin starport, stealing an almost completed 200,000 ton Battleship. Named Akhaegtoullae (Swift Fighter), the craft proved to be an excellent flagship, capable of outflying and outgunning every other opponent. The Thoengling Empire, the original owners, were mightily displeased. After a failed assassination attempt on Ksangu, the Thoenglings invaded Orsesokhin to recover their payment for the ship. Disaster followed the ship however, and in 1093 an apparent misjump on a routine flight causes the Akhaegtoullae to disappear.

In 1089 Ksang died and his second, Allkigvue, took his place. He continues to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, enlarging the group and expanding its reach. The group has grown so large, both in numbers of ships and in the space it covers that its leaders have no direct control of the individual groups. It has had the added effect of making it difficult to track current membership and force projection.

Groups join Kforuzeng to be part of a large and successful corsair band have now begin to pursue their own agendas. Some groups have moved toward more legitimate mercenary work, gaining several Vargr states and the Megacorporations as clients.

It is generally accepted that the Fourth Frontier War marks the ascendancy of the group. It is well documented that the Zhondani sponsored and patronised a number of Kforuzeng ships to raid Imperium outposts and supply lines. This result is that the Imperium launches a number of relatiatory strikes into Vargr space at the conclusion of the war. The Kforuzeng however, maintain almost a complete monopoly on pirate activity in the region. Many of the systems coreward of the Spinward Marches are “no-go” for Imperial traders and travellers because of the threat of privacy and kidnap.

Vargr Extents

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